Child sexual abuse is a silent, violent epidemic. It's so widespread that each of us probably knows someone who has been victimized or who has abused.



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The Enough Abuse Campaign is a grassroots movement gaining momentum across the country.  Developed in Massachusetts, the Campaign has been adopted by New Jersey and Maryland and has now been launched in New York, Nevada and 25 counties in California.  We are providing adults and communities with the knowledge and skills they need to put an end to the silence.  And eventually, the epidemic.

The movement against child sexual abuse starts with a single word – ENOUGH.

Its symbol - a hand raised outward indicating our unwillingness to let the problem go unchallenged any longer.

Its hope – that by being united we can end the secrets, shame, hurt, confusion, and denial that for too long have allowed child sexual abuse to operate, and even thrive, in our homes and communities.

Its commitment – to bring together parents, professionals, adult survivors, concerned citizens, elected leaders, policymakers, and funders to engage them in this historic movement.

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